Step 4 Spray the ball with glue; use a controlled spray and carefully rotate the ball to avoid spraying the toothpick. I’m not usually a glitter fan, but once I saw this orange/pink color combo, I had to try it out. Repeat with different sizes of balls and different colors of glitter. Things You Need to Make Glitter Ornaments BLANK ORNAMENTS – you can get these from a variety of places, including Michaels, various dollar stores or online buy-ins. The best part is, with one bottle of finish, you could probably do this project every year for the next 10 years since each ornament uses so little of it! Now, take a funnel and add your glitter to the ornament. Carefully pour the ornament glue/floor wax into the ornament and rotate it to coat the inside. I have been making glitter ornaments using wood slices for a few years and just realized I never shared with you how I make them. How to Glitter Ornaments: Started by removing the tops from the ornaments and setting them aside. This step is very important for getting even glitter coverage. Add more glitter to … Simple Scalloped Tissue Paper Lanterns You can see one of my favorite wood slice glitter ornaments among my deer wood slice ornaments.It’s a red glitter ornament with a black and white buffalo check deer in the center. This project is part of 2020's Christmas Craft Countdown. Step 1: Tape Use painters tape to tape off an area on the ornament where you want to apply glitter. Lets grab a ornament, the glitter, a funnel, and a 1/4 teaspoon to scoop the glitter out of the container and into the funnel. Tutorial How to Glitter Ornaments Using Polycrylic - YouTube Since the glitter is all on the inside, the outside is a blank slate. Add more glitter if needed to fully cover the styrofoam ball. First, make sure you start with a clean ornament. Martha Stewart tranforms an ordinary balloon into a glittery ornament for the Christmas tree. Make Your Own Glittery Balls for Christmas . The pick or dowel will make handling the ball easier after it has been sprayed with glue, and act as a handle when you roll the ball in glitter. If you have a die cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette, you can add all kinds of vinyl embellishments to these ornaments. So easy to make and the glitter stays put and on the INSIDE of the ornament, instead of floating all over the place as you handle it each year. Making these glitter ornaments was pretty easy to do and once done, you can decorate them in so many ways. Paper Towels . Today we are making glitter ornaments for Christmas! More Less. In the next bowl mix: 1 Tablespoon Cornstarch, 2 Tablespoons White Glue, Food Coloring, and Glitter. I made my funnel out of copy paper from my printer. In fact, we've even included an ornament kids can make themselves, with just a bit of guidance. Then pour the excess back into the bottle or a small bowl or container. The materials are really simple and easy to find, as well. Using Plastic Glasses and Light Bulbs Gather plastic wine glasses or old light bulbs from around … Probably 2 tablespoons. glitter (this is my favorite glitter). I lightly tap it against the palm of my hand to make sure that any loose glitter will find a spot to adhere. Free Download. Facebook Comment MORE. F the next part, I didn’t measure anything. I was wanting to make a Halloween disco ball for this year’s festivities, but I’m no fool! Remove the top and generously pour the glitter into the ball. Twitter Google+. You can use either gel paste or liquid food coloring in any color you like! Check them out HERE. Shake your ornament to get the glitter all over the ornament. First we are going to grab that funnel and insert it into the top of the ornament.