Because of the large numbers of competitors, there are numerous reports of drafting on the bike course. Tri To Help is a National Indoor Triathlon at several locations which offers an off-season Sprint distance triathlon and the worlds first indoor triathlon TEAM RELAY! In the Ironman Expo, he paid $25 to have a bike mechanic double check that he did everything properly. Just over an hour ago, I saw Tim, exhausted and miserable. It has a maximum elevation gain of 1,644 meters. I have had terrible luck this year, getting sick our first night in Israel back in April. And easier than we expected it to be. The bike course is two loops. Announcement: Due to the current COVID-19 Recovery Phase that Washington State is currently in and the City of Maple Valley’s continuing efforts to maintain a safe and healthy environment for its residents and visitors, the inaugural IRONMAN 70.3 Washington triathlon, originally scheduled for September 20 cannot take place in 2020 and will now debut on September 19, 2021. Ironman Barcelona takes place at the end of October. Are you planning a trip to Spain? But he did an amazing thing. We loved the breakfast. For many athletes, the ‘hay is in the barn’ and the emphasis has shifted from building fitness to getting the most possible race day speed from the fitness that you have been able to build. Hero Text Instructions. Rooms are small so you might want to get a slightly larger room than you need (we got a triple for 2 people), so you have room for your bike and gear. Tim had a local bike shop dismantle his bike and pack it into a bike box, which he rented. I enjoyed reading your review. Like most racers, he started off full of smiles, but as the miles ticked away, real fatigue sets in and the race gets really hard. Its golden beaches and mild climate offers a playground for triathlon enthusiasts, with the race offering a great late season challenge thanks to its beautiful sea swim, a flat and fast bike course, and a flat run course along the Calella beachfront. The course is very flat and fast with 2 laps (Calella – Montgat). I am registered for IM Barcelona 2021. Alan Couzens, M.Sc. All rights reserved © Earth Trekkers. The course is fast, but also suffers from large drafting packs due to the high numbers of competitors. Learn more IRONMAN ROUTES ON ROUVY. Recommendations on how to approach and ride the course Our experienced event staff will be with you on the ground throughout your stay. Swim in the Mediterranean, cycle along the coastline past palm trees and small, Spanish towns, then run through Calella, with tons of crowd support. As the Official IRONMAN European Tour Travel Partner, we have worked in the Calella area on many occasions - including managing the travel and accommodation arrangements for hundreds of IRONMAN Barcelona athletes and spectators. Fortunately, Tim was better in just a few hours. Tim joined the 1:20 crowd even though he expected that he would swim faster. We aim to provide accommodation to suit all budgets, as well as offering options as close to your event as possible. Racing the Inaugural Ironman Italy in 2017, IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman: A Guide for Triathletes, The Best Things to do in Barcelona, Spain, 9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Girona, Spain, 10 Days in Europe: 10 Amazing Itineraries, 3 Days in Barcelona: The Perfect Itinerary for Your First Visit. We both awoke the next morning, nauseous with diarrhea. Spotlights are illuminating the finish line and the sky over Calella. Using this website means you agree to our use of cookies. TriBike Transport offers quite simply the market-leading triathlon bike transportation service, eliminating the worry and stress of transporting your bike and leaving you free to concentrate on your race preparation. ... Flat Course - Simple Polarised 'Bike Boosting' IronMan Distance training plan (Using Power on the bike) $135.00 FULL. ACTIVE is the leader in online event registrations from 5k running races and marathons to softball leagues and local events. Our professional bike mechanics can alleviate these worries and anxieties by assisting you with the following services: Transporting your bike, fully assembled, from anywhere in the UK/Ireland to your triathlon race. Ironman Barcelona Bike Course is a 55.4 mile out and back trail located near Calella, Catalonia, Spain that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as difficult. All of your training is behind you…now is your chance to really test yourself. VIP Race Day Package (100€): This package includes all these services for you: Access to the Welcome Party, on Friday prior the race. Worried you might get injured or become ill prior to your event? I saw Tim seven times on the run! Despite the food poisoning the day before, Tim felt confident that he would have a great race. As usual, Barcelona has been a fast course. Tired of having to disassemble and reassemble your bike before and after your event, and risk affecting your personal bike measurements? We highly recommend staying here. It’s not fun. Course Conditions. Read all of our articles about Spain in our Spain Destination Guide. - Bike course familiarisation tour available on the Friday afternoon prior to race day, where we will take you through all aspects of the course, Airport Meet & Greet with return Transfers, - IRONMAN race entry fee cover insurance   I imagine that travelling to run an Ironman (I guess two of the things you like most) must been a great experience!! Just as Tim expected, his swim time was faster that 1:20. Known by many as a half Ironman, the Ironman 70.3 races in Kansas City, MO are an excellent goal for triathletes looking for a new challenge. A sea swim in the bay, a fast bike course and a flat run, this race has clocked sub-8 hour times making it a sure-fire personal best course. I had already signed up for London Marathon in April 2018 and wanted to run well there and knew that… He dreamed about this moment all year. Now well established as part of the Ironman calendar, Barcelona is a large race that offers the standard 40 Kona slots to age group athletes. Ironman Power Calculator: How many watts will it take? Ironman Barcelona Race Report When I finally allowed myself the reality that I wanted to undertake the challenge of my first full Ironman in fall of 2017 I started by looking at the race schedule. An adjustment of 28:33 and a new course rating of 23:05 indicate that they were even faster than what is normal for Barcelona. Comment below if you have any questions or any advice for our readers. This stretch of road is lined with cheering friends and family members. For more details on the race, visit Bike. I’m looking forward to combining the two again in the future , Your email address will not be published. - Travel and accommodation management of your reservation pre, during and post event. In all you’ll make 2.5 loops on the 180 km journey. For one week, tiny Calella is filled with triathletes and their friends and family. There’s lots of motivational music with announcers speaking in Spanish and English. Flights. (Sports Science) Aug 6th, 2015. This flat and fast course traces 39 km of scenic coastline from Calella to Montgat. I met Tim on the beach, prior to the swim start. I was thrilled for him…what an accomplishment.