Sprint Tri 40 to 44 ANTONY BESWICK ( Bib # 79 ) Petawawa ","overview.result.text":"We always cater for each of your race age divisions, special categories, overall standings, teams and relays. Check back later to download the high resolution photo. © Innovative Timing Systems, LLC 2020. Within a reasonable time of concluding the investigation, the Privacy Officer will respond to the complaint and, if appropriate, Sportstats will take appropriate measure necessary to rectify the source of the complaint. ","faq.see.event.photos.3":"will be present at the bottom of the athletes personal information box. ","registration":"Registration","month":"Month","faq.difference.watchlist.chronos.3":"Sportstats Chronos Live progress updates are race progress and results messages posted to your Facebook or Twitter timeline for an athlete you chose while the event is live. ","index.form.email":"Enter your email...","corporate.privacy.l8":"The \"Followers and Following\" and other similar features on our Sites permit an Individual to send email to others and view results and awards from each individual. trifind.com has all the answers including a comprehensive historical and current directory of triathlon results from the US. Please try again at a later time. ","faq.cant.find.result.4":"Check that the name you are searching for is the name you registered under. ","grid.compare.tooltip":"Select athletes to add them to compare list then go to Compare. Please use email and password authentication. ","sign.up.here":"Sign up here","faq.difference.watchlist.chronos.2":"Watch list contains the athletes you selected from the results and leaderboard tabs. ","faq.difference.facebook.twitter.chronos.update.1":"What\u0027s the difference between post to Facebook/Twitter and Sportstats Chronos progress updates? ","facebook.log.in.warning":"You have authorized the Sportstats application with your Facebook account but you do not have a Sportstats account linked to your Facebook account. ","want.more.awards":"Want more awards? Finishers 31 ","faq.fix.time.info.1":"How can I fix my time or personal info? ","faq.difference.results.watchlist.leaderboard.2":"- displays results and progress when available for all athletes participating in the race and can be filtered by category. Duathlon 30 to 34 Your profile does not contain enough information to allow results claiming. 2019-06-23 • Non-drafting ages 12-13 . Participant Race Name Age Group Wave; JOHN LOHRENZ ( Bib # 31 ) PETERBOROUGH. Stoney Lake Triathlon . ","last.name":"Last Name","official.time":"Official Time","corporate.contact.head.office":"Head Office","edit.profile.picture":"Edit Profile Picture","corporate.company":"Company","event.details.name":"Name","athlete.details.social.media.completed":"has completed","athlete":"Athlete","corporate.company.timeline.1995.1":"Marc Roy and Isabelle Fradette acquired Sportstats from Terry B. McKinty","about.activities.details2":"This page is used to view these actions in reverse chronology. Our corrections team will indentify and address the issue. Please try again at a later time. ","TEN_M":"10M","companies":"Company(ies)","overview.chronos.text.twitter.marathon":"#marathon","corporate.company.timeline.2017.5":"Membership platform grows by 20% with 220k+ results claimed!, ","success":"Success","corporate.company.timeline.2017.4":"December 2017 Sportstats awarded all Rock \u0027n\u0027 Roll events in the USA through 2020 adding 400,000+ annual participants. Search . ","account.creation.failed":"An error occurred while creating you Sportstats account. You will receive an email with instructions explaining how to reset your password. ","is.scheduled.for":"is scheduled for","corporate.company.timeline.1992.1":"Sportstats times the ITU World Champoinship in Muskoka, ON ","corporate.company.timeline.2017.2":"New Sportstats office opened in Grand Rapids, Michigan","corporate.company.timeline.2017.1":"Sportstats acquires AAA Racing and opens an office near Clearmont, FL","VERIFICATION_REQUIRED":"Verification Required","edit.profile.title.2":"Profile","claim.error.claiming":"An error occurred while processing your result request. 5K 55 to 59 ZACH MCKEOWN ( Bib # 60 ) PETERBOROUGH 14 sanctioned clubs participated. ","corporate.company.timeline.2019.1":"New Regional Office in Bangalore, India","upload":"Upload","email.address":"Email Address","news.letter.subscribe":"Subscribe to receive the Sportstats newsletter","ss.canada.east":"East","admin.update":"your account was updated by Sportstats","phone":"Phone","timing.service.quotation":"Timing Service Quotation","grid.pace":"Pace","invalid.date.of.birth":"The date of birth field is required. A triathlon club based in Lakefield and Peterborough, Ontario. ","race.distance":"Race Distance","CYCLING":"Cycling","sep":"Sep","x.athletes.are.following.user2":"{0}","complete":"Complete","x.athletes.are.following.user1":"athletes are following","athlete.details.social.media.lined.up":"is lined up and ready to race","corporate.privacy.p9":"Our Sites may contain links to other sites that Sportstats does not own or operate. ","accept.policy":"By creating an account with Sportstats you agree with our \u003ca href\u003d\"/about/privacy.xhtml\"\u003eprivacy policy\u003c/a\u003e","password.confirmation.no.match":"The password confirmation does not match the password. Never lose contact with you audience - always stay connected","compare":"Comp. Our team will be happy to get back to you as quickly as possible. Chip Time is the time between when the athlete crossed the start mat and when the athlete reached the finish line. ","faq.see.my.splits.info.3":"sign beside your name to expand your results information. Niagara Falls Half Iron Triathlon in 2014 – Registration is Open Now! ","edit.profile.picture.details.2":"To change your profile picture, first click on Choose a Picture and select an image file from your computer or device. Please check your criteria and try again. ","error.bib.not.found.message":"Bib number : {0} is not assigned for this race","about.awards.details2":"To gain more awards, participate to events timed by Sportstats and claim your results. ","error.race.not.started":"The race is still in Preview mode (it has not started). ","faq.difference.facebook.twitter.chronos.update.2":"Post to Facebook or Twitter provides you the ability to instantaneously post a customized message in addition to a standard progress or results message for a specific athlete on your Facebook or Twitter timeline. In addition to being a stop on the 2019 Ontario Cup series, the Lakefield Triathlon was also host to Triathlon Ontario‘s 2019 Ontario Youth Club Championships. Make sure you have the proper raceid parameter set in your URL.","cat. The Series is a best three-of-four results at the following venues: Race #1 – Lakefield Triathlon June 23rd – registration coming soon Race #2 – Toronto Triathlon Festival July 21st – registration open Race #3 – National Capital Triathlon July 27th – new race, registration coming soon Race #4 – Draft Legal Provincial Championships Aug 31st – registration coming soon. ","SPRINT":"Sprint","june":"June","create":"Create","chronos.follow.failure":"An error occurred while attempting to track this athlete. ","overview.description.technology":"State of the art timing systems using technology from MyLaps (ChampionChip, ProChip and BibTag) and race|result","corporate.privacy.l6":"Sportstats may collect demographic and profile data in connection with the Sites and, together with publicly available information, we may use such data to tailor each Individual\u0027s experience at the Sites and display content according to an Individual\u0027s preferences. Make sure you have the proper userid parameter set in your URL. 2018. 14 sanctioned clubs participated. Action required: none. 2018 Olympic Wave 1 Men Overall Results. ","faq.difference.results.watchlist.leaderboard.3":"- displays the results and progress when available for the athletes you have selected from the results or leaderboard tabs. Sportstats never asks for an Individual\u0027s password in any unsolicited communication. ","live.race":"LIVE RACE","user.is.following.x.athletes2":"is following {0} athletes","copyright.h1":"Copyright","user.is.following.x.athletes1":"{0}","dashboard":"Dashboard","error.error":"Error","IRONMAN":"Full Iron Dist","grid.social.media.tooltip.twitter":"Select athletes to receive live race progress updates on your Twitter account. ","password.reset.error.no.user.with.that.email":"No account exists with that email address. ","SWIMMING":"Swimming","feb":"Feb","password.reset.verification":"We have updated your account password, you may now login using your new password. Participant Race Name Age Group Wave; Nick Hurrell ( Bib # 46 ) PETERBOROUGH. We will get back to you as fast as possible. An Individual may also direct a written complaint regarding compliance with this Privacy Policy to the Privacy Officer and, within a reasonable time upon receiving the written complaint, the Privacy Officer will conduct an investigation into the matter. Sprint Tri 40 to 44 ANTONY BESWICK ( Bib # 79 ) Petawawa NOTE: This is a low resolution photo. The 2020 Lakefield Triathlon is a Triathlon Ontario sanctioned event hosted by the Peterborough Pirates Triathlon Club, and the second Triathlon Ontario Junior Cup series and Youth Cup series race of the season. 13500 W. Lake Rd. Please try again.","c.place":"C. View My Fundraising Page. Don’t have a Sportstats account? An email is sent to our corrections team and they will address the issue. ","RUNNING_SPONSOR":"What award are you seeking? Participant Race Name Age Group Wave; LINDSAY BLACKMAN ( Bib # 56 ) Waterdown. If an Individual\u0027s browser settings do not accept cookies from our Sites, they may not be able to take advantage of all of the features of our Sites. Finishers 31 Fat Ass Trail Run 6hr: November 17, 2019: Results: Fat Ass Trail Run: November 17, 2019: Results: Port Perry Races: November 17, 2019: Results: Devil's Den Charity Trail Race Sprint Tri 25 to 29 Toggle navigation. 35 Participants • 17 Women • 18 Men. View My Fundraising Page. ","grid.time.short":"T","overview.chronos.text.twitter.sportstats":"@sportstats","grid.time.of.day":"Time Of Day","overview.features.title":"All the features you need","choose.picture":"Choose A Picture","log.in":"Log In","category.place":"Category Place","complete.profile":"Complete Your Profile","copyright.attribution":"Copyright © 1991–2019 by Sportstats. You must be logged in with Facebook to see this checkbox. ","would.you.like.to.claim.some.results":"Would you like to claim some results? ","october":"October","gender.place":"Gender Place","search.filter.all.categories":"All Categories","corporate.company.timeline.2005.1":"Sportstats established its first professional office","worldwide":"Worldwide","ski":"Ski","corporate.contact.message":"Message","3.letter.code":"3 letter code","sign.up.with":"Sign Up With {0}","overview.features.text.points":"Race Series/Points","create.account":"Create a Sportstats Account","corporate.contact.form.footer":"In order to allow us to get back to you as quickly as possible, please fill in the above form completely. ","facebook.user.friends.permission.required":"The view friends Facebook permission is required to find friends. You can find the correction form by","error.no.athlete.in.watch.header":"No athletes in watch list. We feel we can put on a safe, exciting event with 85 participants in each wave. Kids 1K Fun Run 14 and Under Fiona Calder ( Bib # 86 ) TORONTO ","faq.race.ranked.gun.chip.2":"Sportstats is not responsible for choosing which time will be used as the official time. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Also, links to our Website may be featured on third party websites on which we advertise. ","index.race.results":"Race \u003cstrong\u003eresults\u003c/strong\u003e","image.file.error":"There appears to be something wrong with this file. Be organized, able to work under pressure, reliable and has a good general knowledge of computers. More events are now using only Chip time for results posting. Please click ","facebook.users.notice1":"Attention Facebook Users:","grid.split.name":"Split Name","official time":"Official Time","facebook.share":"Share","quebec":"Quebec","event.name":"Event Name","event.details.start.date":"Start Date","password.reset.social.account":"This email address is linked to an account that was created with Facebook. ","auth.failure":"Athentication Failure","error.500.description":"Something happened. ","corporate.careers.developer.title":"Web Developer","view.event.details":"View Event Details","careers":"Careers","failed.to.retrieve.user.awards":"Failed to retrieve the user’s awards. Participant Race Name Age Group Wave; Darrin Amell ( Bib # 52 ) Sprint Tri 50 to 54 Mike Bradley ( Bib # 48 ) PETERBOROUGH 2018 Olympic Wave 2 Women and Relays Division Results. All Rights Reserved Terms of Use Privacy Policy We've updated our Privacy Policy. ","manual.claim.email.message2":"Please replace this sentence with a short message explaining why this result is yours. ","invalid.email.match":"\"Email addresses do not match\"","completed.race":"COMPLETED RACE","faq.remove.my.picture.2":"Sportstats only publishes a link towards the website of the photo company. Your username, city and province will be published with your posting. ","corporate.careers.timer.location":"Any of our offices","settings.title.0":"S","corporate.privacy.p13":"Individuals are given the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from Sportstats by using the unsubscribe mechanism at the bottom of our email communications by contacting our Chief Privacy Officer (the \"Privacy Officer\") using the contact information provided below. ","preferred.company.region":"Preferred Region","chronos.main.split.progress":"Reached {0}","date":"Date","unknown.user":"unknown user","grid.transition.name":"Transition Name","preferred.language":"Preferred Language","follow.this.athlete":"Follow this athlete","password.required":"Please enter your password. ","overview.chronos.text.facebook.content":"Congratulations to Russell Beach for finishing the Ottawa Marathon in a time of 03:37:58. ","corporate.company.timeline.1997.3":"Reached the timing milestone of 100 events/year","corporate.privacy.l7":"In order to use certain features on the Sites (such as to make results profile and awards publicly available personal information about yourself and others, including without limitation, photos and videos), an Individual may be required to register and provide personal information such as name, email address, location (i.e.