From The Socialist newspaper, 20 January 2021. Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish first minister, has already pledged NHS funding in Scotland will increase by £500m above inflation by 2021. However, nurses will not receive a higher wage before the current three-year pay deal ends in spring 2021. wY�4SE�Ml7����r����k��Gـ���f8*;�2�o�`�w��؎�֘�;���������w�����m��H|P5�z8҃�5Ֆ͆# �a"�!�1�YM��C��Hru����a�����kt�I.C��|��ɗx�p�H2��LdOc"0��Dd�L�L��Յ�?��b��_��*O�K}��Ri���׶�E�O2s ��|��݁+����O��Q�Ҹ������tLO�����&Rƕ&�&��EZ=� y�g�бey��������;�3Ə�v����n*�`s_�׉i���y6 �p���dX��K�G 'wC=����O��Q�D�&��z�sJ��X��. Join the UK's largest union and professional body for nursing. The agreement reached in 2… Committing to immediate discussions on pay; Recognising the importance of tackling vacancies across the NHS; Delivering a deal that reaches members’ pockets before 2021, helping to retain staff; Integrating an NHS pay deal into plans to boost local economies; Guaranteeing additional funding for employers and to cover meaningful pay increases - with the flow-through to devolved funding arrangements, allowing all parts of the UK to move forward on NHS pay. Band 5 salaries and roles. This information is particulalry useful for new nurses or nurses who expect to increase by one pay grade in 2020/21. NHS pay for Nurses is structured around different bandings. A pay rise is vital if the NHS is to be 'fighting fit' Health unions representing more than 1.3m workers across the UK have written to the Prime Minister today (Monday) urging him to speed up the pay process so NHS staff receive a promised wage rise as soon as possible. Unions must fight to ensure all staff are provided with full PPE (Click to enlarge) A new Covid-19 patient is arriving in hospital every 30 seconds and hospital admissions continue to rise. Select Years. With the other health unions on UK NHS Staff Side Council, we called for NHS staff to receive an early and meaningful pay rise which recognises and rewards the true value of their work. NHS Terms and Conditions (AfC) pay scales - including High Cost Area Supplement. The Scottish Government also made a separate announcement about a pay increase for doctors and dentists. %���� Boris Johnson has been urged to intervene to speed up the pay review process and grant NHS workers facing “burnout” an immediate wage increase. A nurse treats Covid-19 patients in the ICU at Milton Keynes University Hospital (Picture: Reuters) The Government has promised nurses a pay rise in 2021 when a three year pay deal comes to an end. 2021 payroll pay date january 2021 nhs ggc 2021 pay periods pay date january 2021 nhs ggc, 2021 pay schedule 3 pay date january 2021 nhs ggc gsa opm federal pay scale Access the 2020/21 NHS Terms and Conditions (Agenda for Change) pay scales including High Cost Area Supplements for the London regions. endobj NHS nurses on the Agenda for Change scheme were always due to have their pay reviewed in March 2021, when a previously agreed three-year deal will come to an end. Read our briefings for members on the current NHS pay situation. The chancellor has confirmed NHS workers including nurses will not be part of a public sector pay freeze next year as part of the government’s spending review. The current three-year Agenda for Change pay deals will come to an end in March 2021. We are waiting for a response from the UK government to that call. Once the changes to pay bands have been completed, the system would reset with the new adjusted percentages for the future. While acknowledging the salary increases agreed last year, the joint submission highlights other workforce challenges in the NHS that need attention, including staff shortages and the high pressure working environment. Unite said NHS workers should get a 15% pay rise or £3,000 – whichever is greater.