Please read and follow the directions on the can. The results can be noticeably quick. Founding Member. You can use what you already have. if in doubt, DO NOT use carb cleaner. Can carb cleaner be used on electrical contacts? Only the one that comes in aerosol spray cans should be used as a starting fluid. Engine Degreaser in my experience leaves some slight residue as does acetone. Location: Home. thurman February 22, 2018, 10:52pm #2 I am removing the whole throttle body so that I can clean it from the back side as well. CRC Carb cleaner tends to remove paint. You can get the 91% stuff at the drugstore or grocery store cheap. Jan 18, 2000 1,495 0 36 37 Austin,TX Visit site. For the plastic and rubber, I use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). It will strip finish off of wood, discolor and eat plastic, and also take off any hint of lubricating oil, so it has to be used carefully. Carb cleaner has a very specific use in cleaning guns. Quote: Originally Posted by WPB Pitbikes. makemfasta. CCleaner nags you to run it because the paid subscription can automatically run itself—you’re paying to disable the nags. Acetone would be very safe to use as a brake cleaner (well, safe for the breaks... maybe not you ;-). The Bottom Line. Just hold onto that little straw to keep it from flying into your engine! Join Date: Jun 2011. I have even used CRC brake cleaner to clean fuel injectors and it works really well. You can even make substitute de-foamer to keep the water picked up in the recovery tank from foaming up. Why we have the question? Herein, can you use WD 40 instead of carb cleaner? I had a similar thing happen to my riding lawnmower over the weekend. Posts: 846 Bike: not a stomp Re: Can I use WD40 to clean my carb? Make sure the contact cleaner doesn't have teflon! I keep it away from plastic and use it only outside. It does a great job stripping old oil and filth off of metal parts. In simple terms YES it can be used as starting fluid or used on the throttle body.. I’ve always used brake cleaner for final wipe down before painting, but I needed to paint some metal inside and don’t want the smell and organic vapor stink, especially since it’s winter and can’t really leave the window open. I have a few motorcycles that use carburetors. Caught him out and the fumes did serious and permanent damage. We don’t recommend you upgrade to CCleaner 5.45. even sensors, like mass airflow sensors can be instantly ruined if cleaned with carb cleaner, whereas most brake cleaners are safe enough to use. You can use carb cleaners to wash the throttle body, but you should not use throttle cleaners to clean the carb. WD40 is ok to use to lubricate your linkage, but don't use it to clean your carbs. You can make your own carpet cleaner detergent substitute cheap. Can I use carburetor cleaner fluid in the gas tank of my motorcycle instead of dismantling the carburetors? Can I use WD40 to clean all of the holes in my carb and my float bowl? Ask someone at a parts store the best choice for what you are trying to do. Senior . CCleaner is a popular PC cleaning tool for Windows and Mac developed and published by Piriform.This program is used to clean junk files, cache data, cookies, unwanted files, and invalid registry entries. At $3 a bottle, it lasts a long time if you don't try filling up jars/pans with it. Yes you can use wd 40 but its effectiveness will only be as good as its presurissed value, and may as well use one of those compressed air can computer air blowers. engine degreaser is usually weaker then brake cleaner too. But then, if I need to do some quick clean up, I’ll use the premix and then don’t have a problem leaving it in there for when any of those quick clean-up jobs come up. I've got a can of that here (I use for cleaning switches and contacts). i use whatever fruity condiment i have to hand for that one, spicy mango chutney is quite nice. If you can find Throttle Body Cleaner, use this, but Carb cleaner can work too. It is imperative to keep in mind that the throttle cleaner must not be used on anything than the throttle body; otherwise, it may harm the crucial parts of your car. I have an article at the shop that I printed out for tehe guys. If you want to soak carbs then buy a soaker can with carb cleaner in it. For best results and maximum carburetor performance, aim for about every six months. You can get it by the can at any auto parts store, and its cheap. I did it and it is easy. 01-02-2010, 06:30 PM ... i use an air blasta if u havent got one your local garage shouldnt mind leting you use theres, but i also know carb cleaner and brake cleaner is ni on the excat same thing. Q: Can I use fuel injector cleaner in a carburetor? Carb cleaner is some wicked stuff and pretty cheap. While the element is out of the way now you can blast carb cleaner inside the empty MAF housing and wipe down with a rag. We haven’t been huge fans of CCleaner for a while now. A carb cleaner is a concoction of powerful chemicals used to clean dirt from both the inside and outside of a carbonator. Carb cleaner is slightly less volatile than brake cleaner but essentially the same ingredients. I'd think that carb cleaner is the best bet, there are lots of rubber bits on carbs too. Also known as carpet shampoo, solution, soap, it is all the same. It will still work for occasional cleaning but requires more elbow grease with a wire scrub brush. It's about a poor guy who heated a tiny bit of either brake cleaner or carb cleaner, I can't remember which, but it was the one he doesn't normally use. what can i use instead of carb cleaner to clean out my carb, i aint got none left?? If you use the wrong cleaner on a particular part, then it may cause serious damage to it. Here’s what you should use instead. Using carb cleaner instead of electrical contact cleaner « on: August 30, 2009, 11:15:14 pm » Can someone talk me out of or in-to using carb cleaner instead of electrical contact cleaner to clean the contacts in a stereo amplifier? Carb and Brake cleaner isn't compressed air - I have a gummed up carb with old gas and goo from my 01 wr250f and have it on the table but am not located in an area that sells carb cleaner. I would use Carb Cleaner in preference to the other two. can i use brake cleaner? If you do not have a carb cleaner available, you can also use substitutes such as Brake Cleaner, Simple Green Pro HD Heavy-Duty Cleaner or simply a Kerosene (or paint thinner) that’s available at your home or garage. I don't have an automotive ultrasonic cleaner, but Brake Parts Cleaner works great on most everything. CCleaner has even been hacked to contain malware. You put the carb in it and shut the lid. Now for cleaning the TB the best things to do is get Throttle Body Cleaner NOT carb cleaner and spray it into the throttle body and then wipe it down with a rag. Yes, you can use carb cleaner as a starting fluid, but do so only if it is an emergency and when you have no other alternative. that stuff eats rubber, plastic, or pretty much anything thats not metal. Sep 2, 2005 #3 Autozone has some good people there I know it's rare but they are good. any other good chemicals methods other than buying carb cleaner?I will use a compressor too. The CRC "green can" brake cleaner works really well for all intents and purposes and can even be used (most) painted surfaces (IE: clean tree sap off of body paint). You may wonder how frequently you should purchase and use this cleaner. We think customers might be confused by below facts, Over time, with regular use, a lawnmower’s carburetor often becomes covered in sludge or small bits of lawn debris. Therefore, a fuel injector cleaner runs through the injector itself and works its way through the mechanisms, using a little force and some clever chemistry to loosen the gunk in the carb cleaner. While using the carb cleaner, you will feel that it is similar to carb cleaner to an extent, but you can only clean the throttle from this cleaner. Use vinegar as a carburetor cleaner fluid instead of paying for a carburetor cleaning fluid. Can Carb Cleaner be used as a starting fluid? If the cleaning is done regularly as normal maintenance of the vehicle, vinegar does a better job. Phosgene gas I … The next time I do cut for a day I’ll use conventional gas mix, but then empty it out at the end of the day and run the carb dry. You basically use it to clean the varnish. This is it. There really is no substitute for carb cleaner. After you use the product, you should notice smoother idling, cleaner emissions and more desirable fuel efficiency. When the carburetor gets gunked up on these small engines the general thing has always been to tear the carb down and use carburetor cleaner to clean the carb. bjl95mustang. Yes, it does depend on what you're cleaning. I would advise against that and just get a can of carb cleaner its only £3 13-12-2012, 07:21 PM #10: andyr. zotcha: posted 12 … Rubbing alcahol would be good too. Since the cans normally don't spray well upside down, I managed to lower the can down between some hoses and get it at a good spraying angle. How to Use Carb Cleaner Spray on a Lawnmower. Absolutely not, it is not meant to go in gasoline and travel thru a fuel system. Every hold in the carburetor should be cleaned by using a high-quality carb cleaner spray and then blown through compressed air. Take the necessary precautions. A throttle cleaner is somehow similar to a carb cleaner, but it is only used to clean the throttle bodies of a car. Although there is a specific engine starting spray if the situation arises where you may be desperate a Carby Cleaner can be used.. It has been serving the users for as long as 15 years now, being launched in 2004 for Windows. i don't use as much as she says though. I’m thinking maybe I can use alcohol but not sure how well it’ll work. Firstly, there is a specialty product, electrical contacts cleaner. A: A fuel injector does exactly what it says on the tin- injecting fuel into your carburetor cleaner. my dad likes A1 because it … Carb cleaner comes in aerosols spray can and ordinary cans. Comma car care accessories Co., Ltd. has its own formula. Each cleaner is formulated specifically for the part of the car that they’re meant to clean. You can also soak the rag with the cleaner and wipe either way works. For instance, you don’t want to clean your brakes with a carburetor cleaner and you don’t want to clean your carburetor with a brake cleaner. To clean the diaphragms, wipe them down gently with a rag and kerosene or gas, never use carb cleaner … In doing so you will most likely have to get a new carb kit since the diaphragms/seals can't be reused. I was wondering if I can use a bottle of cheaper carb cleaner.