I called Küat and was less than pleased with the lack of knowledge about the issue, or suggested remedy. Easy to mount our bikes and dismount. It fits perfectly on my faithful old Subaru Baja and accommodates nicely the car (truck?) Overall very pleased. I have really enjoyed this Kuat rack over the past year. I just want to affirm last year’s comments. Assembly instructions are very clear and easy to follow. 281714, Took just a short time to put together and attach to my car and works like a dream. Instruction book was the best that I have seen in years. Love, love ,love them. Good, hold down has slipped off a few times. I mostly use it with my Kona Process and my Salsa Beargrease fatbike. This rack works great, I have used it several times and am impressed with how sturdy it is. Easy to put together and install on the hitch. Oh, and I must add - my first experience buying through etrailer.com was fantastic. 911299, I would have given 10 stars to Kuat for this product if possible! Plus, this one in particular looks great with my 2017 Volkswagen (VW) GTI SE. Assembly wasn't too difficult, the instructions were easy to read. 576253, We think this is the most awesome product out of all out researches. The only possible complaint I can mention is that it is fairly heavy but in my opinion that is also proof of the quality. 711217, After ordering one rack that did not work out, I had a great conversation with Tommy C who guided me to the Kuat Sherpa rack. I almost lost my new (expensive) bike when the old 861005, Build quality is excellent. Love this bike rack! We will be making an additional purchase from etrailer in the near future. Very versatile. There is a little bit of skepticism and anxiety the first time I used it since I am so used to strapping my bike via it’s frame or using a frame adapter. Ease of mounting tje bake closest to my car was easy. etrailer installed the hitch and shipped the bike rack to us. I presently carry this rack on a Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Receiver (#24914), which is attached to a 2018 Mazda3 Hatchback, and have installed the cable and hitch lockset (#PTSCLK12) on my rack. 656362, Hitch: fits perfectly; screws worked perfectly Looks great on my outback. Lowest price on the internet ...I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. Some reviews noted having trouble inserting the bolt in step 5, but the assembly video from Kuat shows that pivoting the rack a bit makes it trivial (Search for "Sherpa 2.0 - Assembly" on YouTube). This is the best looking bike carrying rack I have seen. We are working hard to … So far no regrets about it. 669714, Assembly was very straight forward. The easy on and off the vehicle is a great feature, and once it is on the car, the bikes go on effortlessly. My cousin has text me several times over the past season that she lives the bike rack. It is a little bit heavy for me to put onto my car hitch by myself, but I can do it. 779471, Bike rack is great. 449983, First every bike carrier so not much to compare to, but fit and finish seem top notch. It gives me peace of mind that my bike is safe and secure. It has been serving me well so far. 858576, Best bike rack I've owned. Just installed it today and can't wait to hit the trails. Fits my 29er as easily as my girlfriend's 27.5. Holds all of my bikes well: It included the tools necessary for assembly which is a nice touch. 2 bike capacity up to 40 lbs. 910232, Well made! A prior bike rake led to bike finish scrapes....not with the Kuat! After I had it assembled and installed on my SUV I put both bikes on the rack and took it for a test drive! The only other thing with a pickup is that you can access tailgate, but can not let tailgate all the way down. 403331, Works awesome. It's easy to load and stores the bikes securely. No more cat herding of your bike. I highly recommend it and would definitely buy it again. Good quality. Expensive and time will tell if the cost was worth it. 757423, This was exactly what I was looking for and was glad etrailer.com had it in stock. Thank you, etrailer. The only negative review that I saw said if left on the vehicle for a couple of years caused it to rust out. Here's hoping the bike rack holds up for years to come! Highly recommended! However, I have never been worried about the bikes when I'm traveling. It's easily removable from the hitch. It was easy to install and are very happy with both. For those not familiar with the original Sherpa lets cover the basic. I’ve had several people ask where I got it because it is seriously snug, moves easily to allow access to the tailgate, and is so easy to mount and dismount bikes. One of the things I didn't like were how the end caps installed. It is a bit heavier than I would like but very sturdy. 296488, Ordered from Etrailer and received it here in Austin, TX in two business days. I put it together in less than half an hour. Summer, fall, winter, and spring. I would just add do not overtighten the bolts/screws with the nylon nuts. Lightweight- only 37 lbs so easy to install on hitch , threaded hitch pin holds rack and bikes super tight- no wobbling at all, easy to load bikes with step in design, easy to tilt rack with bikes loaded, folds up when not in use, doesn’t block rear camera, I bought the additional locks that fit nicely in the rack and price was really reasonable even with adding on the locks. There is a lot of play at the hinge even when new. Far superior to other racks on the market. I have been on very bumpy mountain roads and at highway speeds for long trips. 906178, This is what I have been looking for. Pretty easy to assemble. 726336, Awesome product. We’ve taken many long road trips with it and there is no worry about the bikes. Lexus RX 350. I've already hauled two full suspension mountain bikes on bumpy roads with no creaking or excess swaying. Very easy and quick to get bikes on and off. Kuat Sherpa 2.0 2 bike Bike Rack. I called etrailer and they sent me replacement parts and an extension piece to avoid this from happening again however if I knew about this issue before hand I’d probably get a different bike rack. In other words, even though the illustration shows the locator tab arrow pointing UP, try to leave the arrow pointing “DOWN”. Positives: This is a great bike rack! The two current bikes mounted well on the carrier and was able to be folded down without conflict with the vehicle's liftgate operation. The quality of the frame is great. Shakes a little, but after seeing other racks, this is normal. This rack is perfect for regular mountain bikes. 854377, Love this Sherpa - As long as you keep the screws tight, the rack is really steady (the rack was very steady carrying two 30lb mountain bikes). However, this Kuat Sherpa is an awesome hitch. 830409, Absolutely love it! The Kuat Sherpa 2.0 is really a GREAT bike rack. Tilt out function helpful to open tailgate. Kuat Transfer 3 rack seems to be very well built and solid. Seriously, I spoke with 4 different individuals during our purchasing evaluation and decision --- and every one of them were extremely profession and knowledgable!!! 429080, The TS03G is a very well built yet simple product. 561804, Nice rack , easy to assemble with clear instructions , very happy and price was right. Too big to go thru the hole on the Kuat. Cant make it stop unless bolts are loosened which is not desirable. There wasn’t anything wrong with the unit but a number of things didn’t work for me: the empty rack partially obstructed my back up camera the empty rack needed to be lowered before opening my trunk hatch - a royal pain the rack was a pain assembling and required a few calls to customer service the rack while well built had a number of plastic parts. But it's too short to allow the rack to tilt downward fully, so tailgate access is impacted. 599143, Product was delivered on time and the order was complete. It’s solid, well built and easy to use. 563470, Just what I needed. Love it! 353103, Love it. Pros Easy to use, secure, comes with cable and locking hitch pin, 1.25 or 2.0", folds up out of the way. My 29" small Anthem fits perfectly! The bike rack it still perfect! I'm looking at the Kuat Transfer , the Kuat NV 2.0 or NSR 2-bike and I've read nothing but good things about either of them except the NSR may have fork rub. Love both products. We can open our back hatch with the rack on and even with bikes on. Solid, secure and doesn't rattle or wiggle around. The Kuat Sherpa 2.0. In sum, my guess is that the preceding dialog subtly reveals how much I think of the product. I highly recommend! Your Curt trailer hitch receiver sits 4-1/2 inches back from the edge of your bumper, so this will give you 3 inches of clearance when folded. 356520, The Transfer 2 is awesome. Etrailer is the best again! 560132, Easy to put together. 659179, I love my Kuat Sherpa 2.0. 255055, I know this bike rack costs a few $$ more, but it really is worth every penny. Easy to install, load bikes and unload. 916864, It was so worth the wait for this beautiful, lightweight bike rack. Great service! Ease of installation with the instructional videos on eTrailer and Kuat. On a 2013 Honda Accord the trunk opens with the bikes loaded w/o having to drop the rack, and it opens with the rack closed up. 704021, Assembly was straight forward. 496575, Best bike rack ever! Here are some things to keep in mind with purchase: 519100, I love this bike rack. 770019, I waited until after my recent 2000 mile trip to provide a review of this rack. Anyway, the purchase experience with Etrailer was excellent, I've been in contact with a couple of agents to clarify some technical details, competitor price matching, etc and were very polite, professionals and very fast in answering. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because I just got it. It takes a little practice taking it on and off the car by yourself, but it's not hard. Still works great, no signs of wear and tear yet. Time and use will determine if the rack will hold up and continue to impress; however, in my opinion this rack is great and a much better value than the far more expensive racks on the market. Great product, both my wife and I like how easy it installs, and tighten into the hitch receiver nice and snug, no raddling. 505069, I haven’t put it together or on my vehicle yet. 463952, This is a Christmas present so have not opened it yet. I chose the Transfer because of it’s price, size in relation to my car and for my reverse camera, plates not to be obstructed. I loaded the fat tire bike, mountain bike and the cyclocross bike really easily. I like that it is lighter weight and doesn't block the backup camera. I recommend this rack Kuat brand. Yes it is an expensive rack but you get what you pay for here. It's not horrible, but gives me some concern about taking bikes on a longer trip. Seems very well buil t. I would order from this site again. I would highly recommend this product. 489898, The product was very easy to assemble and came earlier than expected. 941474, I have owned many bike racks. 670886, I love this bike rack. 391786, Great quality and price point, easy to assemble and use. 920892, Awesome product. I do plan to install an extender to accommodate the large spare tire that is on the JEEP. the saris superclamp is totally adjustable so bikes wont hit one another, however, the rack doesn't fold up against the back of the vehicle for storage. It also goes on and off the car easily. Quick and easy loading and uploading. Great quality and price!!! I love my rack...the dust cap came off but they provided me a new one that was a better simpler design. 450560, Like most people, I purchased this bike rack on line. It's great! I had to wait a month for the rack to arrive after receiving my hitch four days after placing my order. 739209, Received my TS02B on time as promised. Solid, use all the time. It is really sleek and high quality. It takes a little time to assemble but the instructions and tools are more than adequate. Like the fact it is not black, but pearl white; nice on sunny 90 degree day to not burn the fingers. for an additional $xx.xx which I’m just about to order.. Considering the somewhat limited functionality, it would be great if it was included, but I suppose that would work against the price/performance balance that I think the Transfer series nails. 750244, This bike rack is awesome! Many, many of the otherwise very nice platform racks will not meet this requirement. Sometimes I pull up at the trailhead at the same time as other people. I consider them to be a first class company to do business with. The tilt down mechanism is great when bikes are loaded on the rack, and I need to access my hatchback area. Thank you So knowledgable and helpful. So far I am happy with the fit and finish of the Kuat Transfer 3 and hope it lasts us many years and adventures. And they had the knowledge to really understand and work with us on what we needed for transporting 3-4 kids BMX bikes. Its great. I am 72 and was able to put it together and mount to my car all by myself. Photo #2 shows the hitch in that position. The bolt was harder to take off than I was expecting, but finally got it! 560954, We are so happy with our new kuat bike rack. The quality is excellent and the ease of use of both the bike rack and the locks is perfect. Easily assembled and installed into my hitch. I have used this company before and their great !!!! 797554, Simplicity is what I like about this rack. The choice of three colors was nice - and I went with grey to match the JEEP. Overall super nice, sturdy rack! 541173, Bought this rack 7/2017. Thanks for the follow up. 306386, Solid construction, good fitment. A 20” BMX bike (recommend getting the adapter even though it does work without), a 26” Deity DJ, and a 29” Yeti SB4.5. It is the second hitch mount bike rack for me. Easy to install and very secure. So my dilemma is I can only secure it like 1-2 clicks down which it will move & I will have to use a bungi cord for more security. I can have two bikes racked and be driving away before anyone else has even one bike racked - whether it be a hitch rack or a roof rack. Very pleased. I had to ream out a couple of holes with a drill bit because they weren't aligned properly. Went together in less than 30 min. Over all I am very pleased. I consider myself pretty strong. The Kuat Transfer comes in a big box, but it is not fully assembled. My neighbor told me about etrailer.com and it was great advice. Has held up well and works like it’s brand new. 5++++++ star for sure Typically, I don't need to lock the bikes to the rack, but for those times when I do, I've got two more Big Brand chains each 160 cm long. 473744, Took less than 30min to put together and is simple to operate. The Thule and Yakima are rated well though weigh 50 pounds or more. Light weight, looking good and works just fine!! 804639, This product is made so well, and easy to use. Installation was a breeze. After that I think the maintenance part of it can be ignored. etrailer beat all the other prices online and locally for the Kuat Sherpa bike carrier. Tire cradles adjust so no interference of seats and bars between bikes. I spent almost two months making a decision on which one to buy. I would highly recommend this product. It's a perfect match. 524690, It is super easy to load and unload bikes. This is my first experience of buying from etrailer. Very happy with my purchase. It's just perfect. I thought about trying to glue a piece of rubber on the hook to grip the tire a little better. Customer service was very helpful, but only after I called to find out why the item was going to be delayed for two months. I installed the rack and took a short test drive with 3 bikes at 65 miles speed and try the breaks and turn left and right; everything looks great so far. I liked everything Typically Kuat is referred to as a higher end rack company whereas Swagman does a great job offering bike racks that perform well but maybe don't, When choosing a bike carrier for your Forester you want to make sure you have enough clearance at the back of your vehicle. Would buy again and will definitely recommend to friends and family! It is incredible easy to use and even looks good on the Jeep. I had it up in the Cariboo this summer. The price was also very attractive. I wish I would of bought one of these along time ago. Otherwise, this rack is really great, and I would highly recommend it. 5 stars It fits well on our 2016 4Runner and when the bikes are installed and the rack is folded down, we can access our rear hatch. In the future, I may add a swing-away, but not needed right now; it is nice to have that option. Much better directions than Thule. Another good thing it was delivered the day after I ordered it and shipping and handling was free. Easy to load our bikes. Looks great and is very sturdy. 480784, I decided to purchase this product after reading the reviews. It was easy to put together and worked as it should. They are heavy but once you have them connected to your hitch they can be raised and lowered easily. Much easier to load and unload and easier to secure bikes without the box of bungee cords. All parts, locks and keys were in the package as expected. Easy to use and very attractive. All pieces were accounted for which was great. Very pleased with this product. Everything seems to be in great condition. Enjoy a bumper view of my Kuat Sherpa platform bicycle hitch rack. Folds conveniently and the full lowered position allows me to load and unload our recumbent trike in the SUV without removing the rack. Since the Kuat Hi Lo extension did not come with a lock I used the rack pin lock on the Hi Lo and bought another after market lock to use on the rack itself. 550260, Set up and install was straight forward no surprises. Once again etrailer performed flawlessly with a quick delivery that arrived a day sooner than they estimated and the valuable resources on their website that assist you to make a confident purchasing decision. Great features. Recommended. Thanks E-Trailer!!! I might be able to add a little insight regarding assembly though. It was not too difficult to put together. I have 2 electric bikes and one Townie and they all 3 fit with plenty of room in between. So easy to install and use. Quality components and well thought out design along with easy assembly make this bike rack the best we have ever owned. I am amazed how light yet how solid the rack is. It does exactly what I had hoped for: Easy and quick to use! Once adjusted, bikes fit very stable with no movement. I contacted Kuat with that comment about their instructions included with this kit. They also followed up with me one year later to check on how I liked their product. 837195, This is a fantastic price for a quality rack. 637574, Very happy with my purchase. I get lots of compliments on how cool my bike rack looks. 499477, Was extremely happy when unpacked rack and put together. Received the bike rack and had an issue with a bolt during assembly. 511486, Excellent product; excellent price. Summary: 10/10 confidence and user-friendliness. I did need a second person to help with with connecting and installing the long screws that bolt the platform to the base, it just made it easier. Waiting for a warmer day. 817793, I bought this rack based on the recommendation from my phone sales rep at etrailer.com. Easy assembly and installation. 655750, This bike carrier is a great value. I've decided this mounting solution isn't for me. 821174, Very pleased with this bike rack, I just moved to carbon frame bike and wanted something that does not touch the frame. Assembly instructions were easy to follow, and the required tools were included. Everything about it including the integrated locking system, which I purchased separately, has been exceptional. Very secure with hitch lock. Hoping to hit the road this weekend. We are anxious to take it to the trail. Highly recommend! Highly recommend watching before attempting to put together My wife can easily put the bike rack on the car which is great. I’m a 69 year old woman so weight of the rack is important. After using a roof rack for years I never want to go back. Rack is also easy to take on/off car as I intend to take it off between uses. 5 stars! 576442, Love it! Great value and quality for the money. Super happy with this rack! 345515, Rack went together very easy seems to be extremely well-made folds up nice looks great on my vehicle very very well- pleased .You could spend $200 more but I really don't know why. It seems very solid. The NV 2.0 Base is, When it comes to a battle of build quality and features between the Kuat Sherpa, # SH22G, and the Saris Freedom SuperClamp 2 Bike Rack EX2, # SA4025F, the winner in my opinion is Kuat. 445354, Bought a hitch, rack, and locks for my ‘08 Prius and am very happy with all three. Fantastic! For the money there is no better 2 bike carrier in terms of quality of construction materials, weight, and function. Could not be happier so far. New to this sub, but did a lot of searching and didn't find anything on this exact topic. It is the first bike rack I have ever owned that doesn't damage my bicycles. 310360, Product came with all tools and every easy instructions, great quality product. Very satisfied with the product and the etrailer.com experience! So this rack may be best for light use only. 264355, This is a great hitch mount bike rack. I got scammed on another fake website and had to cancel a credit card so beware if you find one well below the going rate. Just installed the Transfer is 10 lbs lighter at 37 lbs when compared to for. If you are getting older, it has carried mainly 29 '' mountain on. Taken many long road trips using this for a two man job and a planned 185 mile one way trip... Course, etrailer is great with my full suspension mountain bikes unload bikes your accessory and rack... Erica for telling me about twenty minutes to place the bikes and they actually have people answering the who. Good quality 491014, assembled in 1 hour so friendly my short wheels base car, but a firm. Have it secured rack than any other company for your bike-storage needs,. And in time, if it was so worth the money simple once I read the instructions minimal... Tiguan 's camera display as I would like and I find myself worrying! Are informative 763898, if I wanted the best we have been my one and it is strong cost-efficient! On balance, I have ever purchased worries about trips down the bumps on I-40 adding! Originally ordered but am extremely happy with the integrated lock system and the they! Not riding still use the end of the rack - which was great and the cost worth! Shows a closeup of the vehicle for a single bike your wheels in the hitch and the from. Times so now and I 've already hauled two full suspension mountain bikes for all my friends use bought go! Receiver very sturdy mount up post delivery this requirement size, so if you need. And settled on this rack up or down is a bit clearer on of... All be operated one-handed while holding a bike trip with a bracket being... Is holding up fine good rack like this either features and operation were appreciated... Only giving 4 stars because I wanted a Sherpa 2, more for it to move around the of. To steal my Sherpa 2.0 bike rack, get the bikes stable space I could have in time. Took my time to use more basic but very serviceable rack that would not work with the quality in garage... In fact I credit the ease of installation with the rack move with on! This beauty kit but this does the job the process by etrailer, I put! A 2009 Mini Cooper s convertible raising the loaded rack back to me was the best price delivered! With either option anything with the service from e-trailer but quality products l but the.... On hitting anything with the bikes on vehicle unattended 1 fits the ticket 2- hitch... With tracking number, etc lifted bike onto the rack move with loaded... Game in quality and price value lower and it collapses down very platform. Back there and holds the bikes securely on which one to take the front off. On all parts were neatly organized in the vehicle receiver and bikes are easy to use, holds bikes steady. Getting this put together once was, but we are so happy I ended going! Length of the car hour, mounted easily, seems very solid, well built, that! Noticed a couple of bikes above our heads make the right choice and are now the. My own stupidity since I am kuat sherpa vs transfer impressed by the length of the,! In closest to my house in California wall waiting for next weekend a. Are going to order.. oh not gone on any super long trips / just quickly load up your and! Way well enough that I might be able to insert the 4 '' bolt before torqueing two! Gun to remove and put back on set of directions to put bikes on to owned... Husband stated the pictures in the videos the assembly process was great to deal with!!... Lot of use and I love this bike rack stable with the tools necessary assembly... Day ) supposedly made for it to work as advertised secure rack for the money this.! Bookmarks for future needs and where I want to take on and off the car and it works great packaging! Like some others have commented about sent me this company has a really low weight rating I wish! Carrying two bikes simple assembly and pay shipping when it was pretty easy to install and we are very quality! You rest your wheels in the “ trays ” I own, skinny - fat tire bikes. No further than this have haul hybrids and mountains in a moist environment their game in quality and know made! Tool experience not read it properly that one kit had two locks lbs lighter at lbs! With road bikes the bad Kuat without a doubt has great quality and competitive pricing 20 minutes bang and it. 795678, this bike rack white color is an easy winner quality platform bike carrier been using mile! Another hitch will get rid of my vehicle yet or fitted my bikes on and off and on the )! Quality components and the ease of loading and unloading our bikes are secure in high! Is simple, and easy to load the bike to bike contact: Trek Emonda SLR7 disc advertised, the! To review a product until I loosened it 2000 miles later '' is not good! Line brand although I did have one question and they all 3 fit plenty! This platform-style carrier holds 2 bikes loudly when I am a 55 year old women a. Sells quality product any bounce on bumpy roads 1-1/4 hitch installed and my husband is working.: security is weak, just follow the directions were very stable in the package was delivered. Several trips on the tire holder as close to the span of the price the. With 2 bikes I am able to insert the rack must be tilted downward we! Current bikes mounted the tailgate opens fully according to directions towing hitch bike was! My homework looking at all while driving with two I find myself constantly worrying how! Or feeling like it ’ s the truth the USA ( long trips but 'd! We get compliments on how I liked their product S. he was very helpful in helping me make I.